Food assimilation requires varying amounts of energy, according to the type of food. A steak, for example, requires more effort from the stomach than an apple does. So you have to act fast and use strategy to deal with the increasingly rapid and complex ‘food attacks’. Watch out you don’t get dehydrated during digestion!

This game helps you understand how the organs of the gastrointestinal tract work. You can also learn about the nutrients in food.


For 2 players

Arrange your organs in the digestive tract and design a complete digestive system in order to assimilate your food! To get more points than your opponent, be very precise when you place your own organs in the tract. Use cunning and strategy to make your opponent’s organs sick and get more points as each new foodstuff goes through your organs!

Learn where the different digestive organs can be found with this fun game for two players!


Travel across the food checkerboard and reach the green cube in the least moves possible! Be careful not to exceed the recommended quantities for each food group and do not forget to drink water. Watch out when you go through the levels as obstacles may slow down your progress.

In this game, you can discover the different categories of food. Meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, fats, cereals and sweets are all good for your health provided you respect the recommended quantities. Mind you, those recommended in the game are not the actual quantities - they have been adapted for better gameplay.

Alimentarium Quizz

Challenge your relatives and test your knowledge on the food balance, the five senses, food processing, the functioning of the digestive organs, and many other topics about food and nutrition!

To take things a step further, videos made by experts explain the basic concepts in simple terms.

Yamy and the Food Pyramid

The game “Yamy and the Food Pyramid” is designed for children between eight and twelve years of age.

In the game, they direct a little monster with an insatiable appetite who loves to eat everything that crosses his path.

Feeding the monster a healthy diet means he can’t have too much or too little to eat. Furthermore, players have to make sure he gets a varied diet.

Dishes of the world

« Dishes of the World » is a cooking game for ages four to eight, in which children opt for a specific country and level of difficulty. Children are shown dishes that are typical of the country they have chosen, for which they must select the correct ingredients.

Fresh Food Runner

"Fresh Food Runner" is a learning game for children aged 8 and over that imparts basic information about when certain types of fruit and vegetables are harvested in Switzerland.